Coffins and Caskets

 We have a range of Coffins to suit every budget. Our full catalogue is available upon request.

italian-last-supper-coffin Oak Coffins -
solid oak coffin with decorative carvings to the sides and lid
Oak veneered -
coffins with veneered matching moulds.

 oak veneered coffin
 cardboard-coffin Cardboard Coffin -
Manufactured from recycled cardboard, the cardboard coffin provides a simple less expensive alternative to all other coffins on the market.
 Traditional Raised Lid Coffin. raised lid coffin
 willow-coffin-traditional Willow Coffins -
biodegradable, natural, chestnut willow coffins in a traditional style. With base and lining. Flowers not included.
Woollen Coffins -
Wool is a fibre with a true "green" lineage that is both sustainable and biodegradable.